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New York
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Slip your stroller into a Metro Stroller Slip® and protect your home and family without compromising home décor.
Metro Stoller Slips

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Metro Stroller Slip
Metro Stroller Slip® by

Just Hanging Around, Inc.

Made in the U.S.A.

Photos by Jennifer Lee Photography
Metro Stroller Slip® is a beautiful, protective cover used on a folded stroller when not in use. The Metro Stroller Slip® provides a stylish way to camouflage your stroller in the interior of your home. Strollers travel through grime and grit all day and your home should be protected from it. The Metro Stroller Slip®  is made of a durable indoor/outdoor fabric, this allows for it to be placed in your home or a covered outdoor environment.
- Protects walls from damage
- Protects items in closets
- Protects children from dirty wheels
- Stylish for use in living space
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